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Wayne Oil Co. Inc. – History
Goldsboro, NC

Wayne Oil Co. Inc. was started in 1938 by the late Robie Strickland, father of current Chairman of the Board, John C. Strickland. The primary business was serving home heating oil and tobacco curing customers. The company purchased a local Esso distributor in 1965 and started supplying service station dealers with gasoline, tires, batteries and accessories. John Strickland graduated from East Carolina University in 1966 and began full-time employment for the company.

From 1973 to 1986 Wayne Oil Co. purchased nine small heating oil marketers within a 50 mile radius of Goldsboro, NC. In 1987, Wayne Oil Co. purchased a wholesale lubricants and auto parts distributor and became a multi-branded distributor of other major brand lubricants in addition to the Exxon brand.

In 1982 Wayne Oil Co. purchased its first convenience store. In 1983 the company purchased six more stores. In 1989, with the potential reduction in home heating oil from natural gas conversions, the potential reduction in farm petroleum products use, primarily associated with tobacco curing and large accounts receivables, the company decided to sell the five heating oil operations. The five heating oil plants were sold in 1989 to 1991.

In 1995 the lube oil and auto parts business was sold.

With the sale of the home heating and lube oil business, the company focused on convenience stores. During 1990 to 1994, four convenience stores were sold that were not in the desired growth locations or suitable for remodel.

In 1991, John Strickland Jr. became employed at Wayne Oil Co. John Jr. graduated from the College of Charleston in 1990 and worked for a congressman in Washington, D.C. for one year prior to returning to Wayne Oil Co. During the next three years he was employed in various capacities as c-store manager, c-store supervisor, transport and environmental operations, becoming Operations Director for the convenience stores in 1998. In 2003 John Jr. received his Masters Degree in finance from Campbell University. In 2005 John Jr. was elected President of Wayne Oil Co.

In 1997, having been an Exxon distributor for 35 years, it was decided to convert five of the stores to the Chevron brand. This would enable Wayne Oil Co. to grow in various areas with the Exxon and Chevron brands, while also concentrating on unbranded sales of petroleum products to various wholesale and commercial accounts. In conjunction with this brand change, new MPD’s with crinds were installed at seven locations in addition to major store improvements at several locations.

In 1999, Wayne Oil Co. opened its first co-brand location with 16 fueling positions, a 5000 sf store, a company operated Tastee Freeze ice cream, and Domino’s Pizza, and a car wash.

In 2004 five Amoco locations were purchased in Johnston County as well as new supply contracts with 12 dealer locations.

In 2005 a new computer system was installed and software updated from the 2000 installation. Other technology enhancements are in process to continue to achieve the maximum level of efficiency in all facets of the operations.

In 2006, six BP locations were purchased in Wake County and north along I-85 and U.S. Highway 1, towards Oxford, N. C.

Wayne Oil Co. currently supplies the Exxon, BP and Chevron brands at company-operated and dealer locations. Additionally the company provides petroleum products to various wholesale and commercial accounts from several unbranded suppliers as well as distributes Chevron Aviation Products. The company operates its own fleet of transports to assist in timely deliveries and providing a very high level of customer service.

Currently the focus at Wayne Oil Co. is to enhance marketing and customer service while also continuing the growth of the company and diversifying it marketing area.

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