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Q What is the BALLPARK All S.T.A.R Program?
A All S.T.A.R Loyalty Program changes your convenience experience! Every time you make a purchase, excluding money orders and lottery tickets, you will instantly receive points for fuel and merchandise. You can redeem your points for free merchandise. You are automatically enrolled in Club REWARDS (Coffee, Fountain, Ice and Bread) buy five get sixth one FREE. You also enjoy monthly specials and that save you money, “Show Your Card and Save”!
Q Does it ever cost me to be a member?
A No. It is completely FREE! It takes just a couple minutes to fill out an application to start earning points immediately.
Q How do I use my BALLPARK All S.T.A.R card if I'm paying at the pump?
A Insert your credit card, the pump will ask "Loyalty Purchases Yes or No"? Press Yes and the pump will prompt your to insert your All S.T.A.R card. Pump fuel and normal and receive your FREE Points.
Q If a problem is encountered who should I contact?
A All store employees are trained to help with your questions or you can call 1-866-609-8033.
Q Can duplicate cards be issued to the same All S.T.A.R card number?
A No. All cards have an issued number for the person retaining the card.

Application Inquiries:

Q What do I do to get an All S.T.A.R card?
A Go to any Ballpark/Hasty Mart location, and they would be more than happy to assist you. Visit www.ballparkstores.com for a complete list of locations.
Q If I lose my All S.T.A.R card, what should I do?
A Stop at any Ballpark/Hasty Mart location, and inform the store employee that you have lost your card. A new card will be issued and your points from your previous card will be transferred to your new one.
Earning Points Inquiries:

Q How do I earn points?
A You earn one point for every gallon of gas/fuel you purchases. All in store purchases earn two points per dollar.
Q Do I need to keep track of my points?
A No. The All S.T.A.R Program will keep track of all the points you acquire. You may check your points by visiting one of the locations or calling 1-866-609-8033.
Q How often do I need to cash in my points for a reward or May I keep them and let the points accumulate?
A You can allow your points to accumulate and the more points the larger the reward.
Redemption Inquiries:

Q How do I redeem points in the store?
A Points can be redeemed two ways:
1) By Phone- Call 1-866-609-8033 and a representative will assist you,
2) Online - www.ballparkstores.com Certificated will be mailed to you within 14 business days.
Q How do I use an Al S.T.A.R certificate or coupon?
A Simply present this to the cashier for your free merchandise.
Q What if I have more than one coupon?
A You may use as many certificates and coupons you are eligible for, within the expiration date.
Q Do points have an expiration date?
A Yes, points must be redeemed within 18 months from the transaction date. Certificates and Coupons expire within 30 days of the issues date.
Questions about our BALLPARK All S.T.A.R program:
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