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With a new generation and more sophisticated coffee customers there is a revised standard for coffee quality. The old scenario of a coffee pot, sugar and creamer may have been accepted twenty years ago, but today customer wants more. Ballpark Stores/Hasty Mart partnered with Cincinnati based Proctor & Gamble in 2006 to create a coffee experience in a convenient store.

Grand Slam Café was created and offers a new standard for convenient coffee. Along with new signage, easy access, and new equipment, the coffee program offers a wide variety of flavors and multiple strengths of national recognized Folgers and Gourmet Millstone coffees. There is clean mixing station that stocks plenty of condiment choices and coffee is brew throughout the day to ensure freshness and quality.

The focus on quality, atmosphere and convenience help brings the coffeehouse experience without the expected prices. Grand Slam Café also offers rich cappuccino and steamers, frozen tropical treats and Fountain soft drinks, all at an exceptional value….


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